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Holla Guys ! :D

My First & Last Love :)

It Hurts To Know That You Don't Love Me && You Never Did, But It Hurts Even More Knowing That I Have To Be The One To Stop Coming Back. I Can't Be Around You If All It Does Is Cause Me Pain, && I Know You Don't Have That Pain, Which Makes Mine Even Worse :(
 There's A Part Of Me That Wishes All My Dreams Came True, && A Part Of Me That Prays That I'll Wake Up Someday Over You =(

Time Will Heal Your Pain & Someone Else Will Heal Your Heart, Even If Nothing Can Erase The Memories. . 


Look At The Sky And Notice Why There Isnt Any Stars Then You Remember I Said For Every Tear I Cry Is Like A Star Fallen From The Sky..


I Need You Right Now, Like Never Before, But You Won't Be Here, Cause I Need to Prove I'm Strong Enough To Give You What You Want.


Here I go Again, promised myself I wouldn't think of you today, It's been nearly an year && counting, you moved on, I still feel exactly the same..

You Don't Die Of A Broken Heart, You Only Wish You Did